It has been observed that the appearance of the product is very important for its success. The global beauty market being highly lucrative, gives rise to intense competition among the cosmetic jar manufacturers to come up with high quality finished products with visual appeal. Since the past couple of decades, the preference of consumers has shifted towards premium and luxury products, which look elegant and aesthetic. Therefore, there is always constant innovation in the type of shape, color, raw materials used, to increase the product’s appeal. All these factors are supposed to fuel the growth of the global cosmetic jar market.The global cosmetic jar market has been geographically segmented into 7 regions: North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle East and Africa (MEA), Japan

North America being a market with a mature consumer base is expected to account for the major share of the global cosmetic jar market throughout the forecast period. Asia Pacific region is expected to experience maximum growth of the cosmetic jar market, on the backdrop of increase in working population. Middle East and Africa market is also expected to gain momentum over the forecast period. Western and Eastern Europe are expected to have a relatively slower growth than Asia Pacific. Latin America is also expected to register higher growth rates.In terms of competitive landscape, Europe is the region to watch out for as many of the key players in the global airless packaging market are based in the European region.

These players have large manufacturing capabilities, making Europe a key region in the global airless packaging market. The top four market players operating in the market in 2015 were Westrock, HCP Packaging Aptar Group, Inc., and LUMSON SPA. These players are anticipated to continue to hold key market shares even in the forthcoming years. Players are showing increasing preference for plastics over other materials. This is because plastic has many physical and mechanical characteristics that make it far more superior and feasible than other materials. The trend of premium and luxury packaging is becoming prominent in cosmetics industry. Thus, players in the market are striving towards introducing premium and luxury packaging that have a higher appeal.

Cosmetics product categories such as skin care, skin glossing, face makeup, etc. have created growth prospects and investment opportunities for overall cosmetics packaging market. Considerable changes in the market dynamics has compelled cosmetics packaging manufacturers to respond with effective product offerings. Cosmetic tubes have proven to be one such effective solution for delivering and dispensing cosmetic products for end use. The global cosmetic tubes market is characterized by product offerings that include tubes in laminated or transparent forms for application of natural as well as luxury cosmetics.